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  • Traveling/Eating/Clothing/Living on a Tight Budget: These articles should offer interesting practical advice on how our readers can live their lives at minimum cost.
  • Affordable DIY/Recipe Ideas: Here you can describe projects that you’ve tried at home, add tutorials and come up with tips and tricks that could help save money when making recipes or crafts.
  • Shopping/Store Hacks: If you are thinking about covering these topics, note that we accept only shopping strategies that can REALLY work.
  • Financial Help and Advice: This category is especially aimed at people on a low income, ranging from single mothers to the homeless, from students to the disabled. The list goes on.

 Guest Post Guideline


  • All the content should be addressed to the US market.
  • All the content to be original and not copied from other sources.
  • Use only up-to-date and reliable sources.
  • Minimum 1000 words. However, quality over quantity is paramount.
  • Include at least three photos that we are free to use.
  • Avoid obvious self-promotion.
  • Links to our competitors are not allowed.


  • Add a short, engaging introduction (50-80 words) that clearly explains what the post will include, and how the article will benefit the reader.
  • Keep content specific, not generic.
  • Include a short conclusion that summarizes and wraps up the post nicely.
  • The finished piece should have a consistent flow throughout, bringing a friendly and personal touch.


  • Break up content into sections or steps, with subheadings.
  • Add relevant formatting when necessary i.e. headers, bold, italics, blockquote, bullets, check marks and numbered lists.
  • Add related links from previous Couponnx articles in the intro and throughout the story when is relevant.
  • Avoid overduplication of words and phrases.

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